Hours and Rules

The Monon Trail stretches from 10th Street in Indianapolis to Carmel, Westfield and Sheridan. Because the trail is in multiple cities, there are different rules and hours depending on which part of the trail you are on. Here are the key things to know about hours, rules and speed limits:

General Rules

  • Stop at street intersections for cross traffic (cars have right-of-way)
  • Keep to the right
  • Communicate to others before passing
  • Yield to pedestrians
  • Do not trespass on private property along the trail or disturb plants
  • Obey signage
  • Keep dogs on a short leash
  • Don’t litter


10th Street to 96th Street
Open 24 hours/day (source: City of Indianapolis)

96th Street to 146th Street
Dawn to Dusk (source: Carmel Clay Parks)

North of 146th Street
Sunrise to Sunset (source: City of Westfield)

Speed Limits

Speed limits are only enforced in the Carmel section of the trail between 96th Street and 146th Street. Please follow these guidelines:

  • 15 mph between 111th Street and 136th Street
  • 20 mph otherwise

(source: IndyStar)

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